Screen Application Status


You can check the container logs with:

kubectl logs deploy/screen

on Kubernetes, or on Docker:

docker logs [Screen container ID]

Successful requests will be logged as INFO, and errors will be logged as ERROR.

Health Check

A health check service is available on the /healthz endpoint. A 200 response indicates that Screen is live and ready. A 500 or 503 indicates that an internal service is down and the pod may not be able to handle requests properly.


You can check what version of Granica Screen is running by querying the /version endpoint.


  • The Screen container has the following Prometheus metrics available to scrape on port 9092 at the /prom-metrics endpoint:
Metric NameMetric TypeDescription
n_screen_api_num_callsCounterNumber of requests processed by Screen
n_screen_api_total_size_bytesCounterNumber of bytes processed by Screen
n_screen_api_time_api_callsHistogramDistribution of time taken for API requests completed. Get the API latency with rate(n_screen_api_time_api_calls_sum[1m]) / rate(n_screen_api_time_api_calls_count[1m])
n_screen_api_size_bytesHistogramDistribution of size of Screen API calls in bytes
n_screen_api_num_classified_dataCounterCount of sensitive data found over time, categorized by classification type
n_screen_api_num_calls_outstandingGaugeNumber of requests currently being processed by Screen
n_screen_api_num_bytes_outstandingGaugeNumber of bytes currently being processed by Screen