Granica Screen

The Data Privacy Service for Traditional and Generative AI

Granica Screen is the data privacy service for traditional and generative AI. It delivers ultra-efficient scanning to identify and protect 5-10X more data, per dollar, than traditional alternatives such as AWS Macie and Google Cloud DLP. It also delivers higher precision and higher recall to accurately and comprehensively identify, protect, and monitor all sensitive information in structured, semi-structured and unstructured text data. Screen improves data security posture and prevents breaches, enables safe use of data for AI/ML/analytics, streamlines data security and privacy monitoring, and enables regulatory compliance. It is built to enable privacy-enhanced computing.

How Granica Screen helps

Screen is easily deployed and integrated into any cloud environment:

  • Automatically detects and classifies sensitive cloud data with high precision (low false negatives) and high recall (low false positives), providing highly accurate visibility into potential privacy vulnerabilities
  • Protects sensitive data with an additional layer of security through masking or tokenization.
  • Provides fine-grained, robust access control so authorized identities can access sensitive data, while other identities can only access obfuscated data (In progress - contact us for details)
  • Provides continuous visibility into how sensitive data is accessed to prevent vulnerabilities and misuse (In progress - contact us for details)

How Granica Screen Helps

Why Granica Screen is different and better

Traditional cloud-based DLP and data privacy solutions can help organizations comply with data privacy regulations, but such compliance represents a bare minimum for data security and does little to improve data security posture and mitigate the risk of serious data breaches. The low recall (i.e. high false negative rate) of traditional detection technologies leaves significant volumes of sensitive data undiscovered and unprotected.

Further, existing solutions typically have a significant delay from the time objects are created until they are scanned. During that window sensitive data is completely exposed. Worse, these solutions are too expensive to use on large scale unstructured data sets. As a result, organizations are forced to scan only a small, sampled subset. They then apply statistical methods and follow-up scans in the hopes of achieving a semblance of data privacy.

Screen classifies and de-identifies your data with both high precision and high recall, elevating real data security and privacy without the burden of false positives. Screen processes new, incoming data immediately after it is ever persisted into your cloud object store, dramatically increasing your data security posture and mitigating breach risk. Finally, Screen is highly compute-efficient, lowering the cost to scan data by 5-10x and enabling you to scan and protect all your data, not just a sample. Together these capabilities provide you with comprehensive data privacy coverage.

Use cases

Improve data security posture and mitigate breach risk

High precision and recall detection identifies and secures most if not all sensitive information in semi- and unstructured text data. Cost-effective enough to use with no sampling.

Unlock sensitive data for business use cases

Safely leverage files containing secured and de-identified data in downstream AI, analytics and other applications.

Streamline data security and privacy monitoring

Fully automate data security and privacy monitoring with actionable alerts whenever sensitive data is exposed and detailed reports and visualizations to stay informed.

Ensure regulatory compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI DSS

Easily satisfy data protection regulations as data privacy is a strict superset of compliance. Granica delivers real data privacy and security, with compliance as a free by-product.

Key characteristics and features

  • High precision AND high recall—Robust, state-of-the-art detection models detect and classify sensitive data with high precision and recall to provide true data security to minimize risk of breach

  • Cost-efficient—Traditional solutions are prohibitively expensive to apply on large datasets, but Screen efficiently scales to deliver outsized value at a fraction of the cost

  • Seamless, point-of-entry protection—Detects and secures sensitive data in real-time at the point of entry. Existing, unprotected data is automatically scanned ensuring all connected data stores are fully protected

  • Customizable—Configurable to recognize custom sensitive data definitions to support data unique to your business

  • Scalable—Built on the Granica distributed data platform, which provides low-latency, high-throughput support for multi-petabyte workloads

  • Continuously improving—Detection models continually learn and improve to adapt to the unique characteristics of your data, providing increased accuracy over time even as your data changes

  • Data agnostic—Designed to work on unstructured, semi-structured and structured data (e.g. Parquet) across any data modality being stored in the cloud

  • Secure—Runs in your cloud environment, and your data and metadata never leave your environment

  • Simple—Out-of-the-box policies enable you to start scanning data and integrating your workflows within minutes

Detailed architecture

Screen works on existing and new data transparently in the background.


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