The Granica Console allows you to customize your experience by using Canvases. A canvas is a collection of widgets that allow you to interact with your granica products in many different ways.


Getting Started

To create a canvas, simply click on the canvas resource on the left menu bar. This will take you to the canvas overview page where you can view, manage and create canvases.


Click on the + button at the bottom of the table to create a new canvas. This will redirect you to the new canvas page.

After creating a canvas, you can add widgets to it by clicking on the Add Widgets button at the top right of the canvas page. This will open a menu where you can select and drag widgets on your canvas. Got to the widgets page to learn more about how to customize your widgets

To finalize your canvas setup, click on the edit title button adjacent to the canvas title to modify it. By creating widgets and assigning a name to your Canvas, you can tailor the experience to align with the specific requirements of your organization or team.

Granica Canvases

In addition to your custom Canvases, Granica will preconfigure default Canvases depending on the products you use. These Canvases are here to provide you with an overview of your resources.


You can view and interact with these Canvases by clicking on a Granica Canvas on the left menu bar.