Granica AI

Your Convertional AI Assistant

Granica introduces Chronicle AI, a conversational AI that simplifies querying your inventory and access usage data. Chronicle can answer queries about file sizes, access patterns, user activities, and much more, all in a user-friendly chat interface. Sample questions include:

  • "What are the keys, sizes, regions, and buckets of the 7 biggest files?"

  • "Show me the volume percentage of parquet files for the top 3 buckets with the most parquet files."

The Chronicle AI will automatically create reports and visualizations for you.

To utilize the Chronicle AI, create an AI widget within the Chronicle widgets section of your canvas. You can interact with the AI by entering a query directly or accessing the chat interface through the widget's edit button. The Chronicle AI widget will consistently store and update the most recent reports and visualizations it has generated for you within the chat.

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