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The quickest and easiest way to estimate the savings from Granica Crunch is to securely share with us analytics on your S3 buckets.

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1Securely share S3 analytics

Identify buckets

The first step is to identify whether you want to enable broad S3 analytics sharing or choose specific buckets to be analyzed and shared. For the latter case, determine the buckets and the specific analytics to be shared.

Determine types of analytics to share

The types of analytics that can be shared are:

  • Storage Lens Report: provides aggregated analytics on all buckets within the account
  • Inventory Report: provides a listing of all objects within a selected bucket; and the metadata for each object (e.g. time created)
  • Access Logs: logs of actions (e.g. put object) performed for a selected bucket

We recommend you share: 1) storage lens reports and 2) access logs and inventory reports on a handful of representative buckets. As this would allow us to understand your S3 usage and provide the best estimate on expected savings.

Share analytics

  • Download the interactive script. The script will guide you through the steps for sharing S3 analytics with Granica.
  • From a shell, make the script executable: chmod +x ./

  • Run the script ./

Contact us

AWS can take upto 24 hours to produce the analytics data enabled above. Once this data is produced let us know and we'll estimate the savings and share the results with you. Estimation happens very quickly with results typically in 30 minutes or less.


You now have an accurate estimate of your potential savings with Granica Crunch given your specified buckets.

After estimating your savings

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